Animalia | Illustrated Animal Globe

Available now as a “quick delivery option” – this globe has 196 hand drawn and hand painted illustrations covering the globe top to bottom.

This globe will never be replicated the same – with everything handmade and hand painted it would be impossible! However a bespoke version or variation of this globe can also be ordered in any size (22cm, 36cm, 50cm, 65cm, 80cm or 127cm diameter) – and with any colour ocean / land you see across our collections.

Customers can commission their own unique version with added illustrations like ships, monuments, your own house, your pets or family portraits as well as travel routes and bespoke cartography like quotes, dates, names, or favourite cities highlighted.

The colouring available for Quick Delivery is Regency Blue – and can be paired with your choice of base (Walnut, Oak, London Plane Wood) with an added personalised engraving.

The colourful illustrations include a beluga, humpback, sperm whale & blue whale. There is a manatee, puffer fish, Alaskan crab, octopus, various sharks, a seahorse, and a lobster. You’ll find King Eider ducks, a golden eagle & a Rufous hummingbird. Dolphins, jellyfish, and manta rays …

Looking to Central & South America you will find an Amazon jungle snake, alpaca, red Columbus bird, capybara, Xoloitzcuintle, axolotl, an ocelot – plus a toucan. Also don’t forget the Panamanian golden frog.

A narwhal, grey wolf, roe deer… of course tropical fish as well. Some cute ones like a sloth, capuchin monkey & a beautiful blue morpho butterfly. Penguins of all sorts of course too. You will find an egret, parrot, parakeets, a stork – and a lovely dragonfly A seal, puffin.. even a violet ground beetle & Siamese fighting fish.

Safari over to the cheetah, zebra, elephant, serval, lions, gorilla, hippo, giraffe & a dik-dik.

We did not forget a clownfish, dugong or a proboscis monkey. There is even a thorny devil, Tasmanian devil, wombat & a budgerigar. Plus many many more…

Last photo thanks to Owen Harvey.

The Animalia Globe is available on our website : > under ’36cm Quick Delivery Options’

Or email for more information : [email protected]

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