Current ‘Quick Delivery Options’ (22cm Mini Desk Globe & 36cm Albion Sizes)

As a company our focus – and most of the globes we make – are “bespoke to order”. This means the customer is choosing the size, style of base, globe colouring and has the option to add personalisation. As you can imagine this style of working ahead leads to our diary booking up ahead of time – and there will always be a few months between the time you place your order and the delivery of your custom globe.

We often get requests for a quick turnaround time for last-minute gifts – so we now offer a few “quick delivery options”. This also suits a customer who knows they do not want personalisation on their globe.

These “quick delivery options” are a small amount of globes we make each month in a handful of the most popular colours options. We make these globes in both 22cm diameter and 36cm diameter sizing. These globes cannot be customised with illustrations or text edits but you still have a choice of bases (Walnut, Oak or London Plane Wood) and the option of adding a personalised engraving to the base.

Our quick delivery options always sellout month-to-month so we recommend you placing an order when you see a colour if available or getting in touch to ask what colours will be launching the next month.

If you do not see the exact colour you want available or you do want to personalise the globe itself – you can also book in with a 50% deposit on the size (you do not have to choose anything but the sizing and even that can change later) – and we will send a gift card for you to present to the recipient. This means you can either surprise them with a personalised globe or you can allow them to them ‘design their own globe’ – choosing the colour, base and personalising their own globe. This is a fun and unique experience to create something totally one of a kind and people love being part of the making process. The gift card includes a hand painted strip of the map which represents what is to come.

We ship worldwide from London, England. Our globes ship in a lovely ‘flight case’ perfect for gift giving and ensuring safe arrival.

Take a look at our website under “Quick Delivery Options” which can be found in the “22cm Mini Desk Globe” section as well as the “Albion 360 and Larger Multi-Directional Globes” section. Or email : [email protected].

The Quick Delivery globes do not have a ‘world leaders list’ on them or any other personalisation.

22cm Albion and 36cm Albion globes spin 360 degrees in a fluid motion by hand and can be lifted from their bases. All of our globes are made to be touched and spun.

Available June – July 2021

22cm & 36cm Blue Cassini : One of the most popular colour choices recently. The colourful land is shaded by country and balanced with a vibrant warm blue ocean. Example shown is 22cm on London Plane Wood and 36cm on Walnut.

The 22cm sizing will have one available by the end of July. The 36cm sizing is available now.

Prussian Blue : example shown is the 36cm sizing on Walnut.

The 22cm sizing will have one available by early July. The 36cm sizing is available now.

Gagarin : One of our most detailed colours. Shown in 36cm sizing and on Walnut. The globe is painted using reference to satellite imagery – an artistic rendition of Earth from space. The personalisation shown on the globe here in the UAE & Africa are examples and not on the ‘Quick Delivery’ globes.

There is one 22cm and one 36cm available now.

Land-Shaded Cobalt : Bright vibrant and modern. The ocean gets lighter as it nears the coast and the land is shaded in contrast.

There is one 36cm available in this colouring.

The text in the ocean was unique to just this globe and not on quick delivery options. The base here is Walnut stained dark.

Ocean-Shaded Cobalt : Bright vibrant and modern. The ocean gets darker as it nears the coast and the land is kept quite simple in contrast.

There is one 22cm available in this colouring.

Shown on a marble base which would be an additional cost (priced higher than the wood bases).

Mint Green : The 22cm is shown on a marble base which would be an additional cost (priced higher than the wood bases). The 36cm example is on a London Plane Wood base.

There is one 22cm available now and a 36cm will be available by early July.

Mint Cassini : Like Blue Cassini – a colourful land painted by country rather than continent. But with a more mellow minty / sea-foam green ocean. Example shown is 22cm on a Walnut Standard base.

There is a 22cm globe in this colouring available.

Parchment Cassini : Colourful land and an off-white peachy ocean. This is shown on a slimline London Plane Wood base.

Available in 36cm sizing and there is just one.

Animalia : This amazing globe has 196 hand drawn and hand painted illustrations. See link for more photos. Shown on a Walnut Albion base – the current edition 1 is available now in 36cm sizing.

Regency Blue : Similar to Glacial Blue but but with a warmed blue tone to the ocean. Example shown is 22cm on an Aluminium Albion base (note : additional charge) & with added personalisation (note: not on any quick delivery option).

One 22cm and one 36cm are currently available.

Celestial : Our celestial globe features traditional representations of our heavenly bodies illustrated in exquisite detail. 88 hand drawn and hand painted constellations adorn our unique globe forming the perfect complement, and customary partner, to its terrestrial brother.

We have one 22cm available now. Shown on a Walnut Standard base (thicker than the Albion style) –


  • Scroll to “Collections”
  • You will find ‘Quick Delivery Options’ listed first under the 22cm and 36cm diameter options on the website as well as a section at the end of the various collections.
  • Select the colour from the dropdown menu. If any colours have a month on they may have a note on the exact time they will be ready to ship. Most globes otherwise are ready to go within days of purchase.
  • Click “Add to cart”
  • Check out from there

** Reminder that this includes a Walnut Standard, Walnut Albion, Oak Albion or London Plane Wood Albion Base

** We will be in touch to help you finalise your choices in finishes to the wood, options of feet (rubber or metal) as well as your engraving

** We ship worldwide tracked and fully insured. The globe ships in a lovely ‘flight case’ perfect for gift giving and ensuring safe arrival worldwide.

Engraving Example :

Base Finish Options :

The Albion base can be with or without the little metal feet. We highly recommend it without and just having little “invisible” rubber feet. This ensures your base sits nicely on all surfaces and reduces the amount of noise when the globe is spun.

Flight Cases :

The globes ship in lovely flight cases, ensuring safe arrival and perfect for gift giving. Each globe has a certificate of authenticity as well and is numbered.


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Bellerby & Co Globemakers; Creators of high quality, beautiful handmade world globes. Combining traditional techniques with pioneering design. Handcrafted terrestrial and celestial globes in London. We create models of many sizes and styles, and offer a bespoke service.

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