Through the Instagram lens… here is what we have been up to this month… Pangea globe in progress.. Sam & Kirsty working on Mini Desk Globes.. finishing up & starting painting of an 80cm Galileo in Mint Green & detail… Continue Reading

This Week In Instagram….

Isis & Jon finished up a 80cm Galileo, Kirsty continued training and making Mini Desk Globes, and Pete made a base for an 80cm globe that can spin on ball bearings like our Mini Desk Globes which are 23cm. Want to… Continue Reading

This Week in Instagram……

This is actually the past few weeks through Instagram! We have mainly been working on Livingstone Desk Globes and Mini Desk Globes. The big news is that Kirsty has gotten very close to making a perfect Mini Globe!! On hot… Continue Reading

Travelling Mini Desk Globe :: Australia

May travel diary:: two weeks in Victoria & NSW Australia … and one day in Dubai en route home. My mini globe stayed in it’s travel case on the many (too many!) rainy and intensely windy days (like 70 kph… Continue Reading


This month we have been working on our Travels To My Elephant rickshaw, the fabric has been screen printed with our designs and we are getting help from lots of talented people to hopefully create the most amazing tuk tuk… Continue Reading

Austrialian Press This Week

Smith Journal -> “Google Maps might inform, but a globe inspires,” says Peter Bellerby, and he should know. The London-based globe maker has experienced a huge response to his work since setting up Bellerby & Co. Globemakers a few years back.… Continue Reading