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Installation of 7,000 inflatable beach balls – Maximo Gonzalez

In the installation “Walk among worlds” the artist (Mexico City–based Argentine artist Máximo Gonzáles) explores the effects of light and lightness, looking for a cultural reflection on political division of the world. The installation, originally composed of 7,000 units that represent the 7,000 millions of inhabitants of the planet, is entirely made of inflatable balls. The material, derived from petrol, requires of the human breath to acquire its geoidal shape. The world-balls, in 3 different sizes, allude to the archaic concept of ‘first’ and ‘third world’. The world-ball is an educative item but also a playful element that, badly manipulated, can lead to its destruction. All have been manufactured in China, generating a reflection about where the factory of the world is located nowadays. The tour of “Walk among worlds” is a contemplative ride to the center of the Earth, which by immersion drives to a reformulation of our understanding of it. The world correctly conceived is not one and only, it is an accumulation of parallel worlds: some more visible than others, some closer or more distant from others, but all part of the same organic vital structure.

Hospicio Cabañas, Guadalajara (JAL), Mexico 2014



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via http://www.maximogonzalez.info/exhibiciones/pogo.php

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Above :: Exhibition in Madrid at the Casa De America – Below via Instagram :: Ogden Junior Public School in Toronto Canada on Nuit Blanche.

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The Fowler Museum, Los Angles

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IMG_6361 camino34_1

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