Following up our on post last year (WE LOVE :: MONTPELLIER THIS CHRISTMAS) the globe is back and looking even more fabulous!

If you find yourself in Montpellier France this time of year…. be sure to head down to Place de Comedie…. and take a cute photo in front of this amazing huge illuminated world globe!

Winter and Christmas illumination of Montpellier. This sphere, symbol of the earth, 9.20 meters in diameter and 8.20 meters high, designed specifically and exclusively for Montpellier will be completely covered with 65,250 light points. It evokes both geographic and cultural areas, the globalisation of trade, the mixing of populations and the need to preserve the planet.” –Thierry Boussarie

Screenshot_2015-12-08-20-10-55-1_resized Screenshot_2015-12-08-20-19-11-1_resized

Screenshot_2015-12-08-20-20-01-1_resized Screenshot_2015-12-08-20-09-52-1_resized   Screenshot_2015-12-08-20-16-05-1_resized Screenshot_2015-12-08-20-20-17-1_resized  Screenshot_2015-12-08-20-53-20-1_resized Screenshot_2015-12-08-20-16-50-1_resizedScreenshot_2015-12-08-20-10-14-1_resized Screenshot_2015-12-08-20-10-09-1_resized Screenshot_2015-12-08-20-10-04-1_resized Screenshot_2015-12-08-20-09-36-1_resized Screenshot_2015-12-08-20-17-12-1_resizedScreenshot_2015-12-09-21-16-18-1_resizedScreenshot_2015-12-09-21-15-37-1_resized Screenshot_2015-12-09-21-14-01-1-1_resizedScreenshot_2015-12-10-11-25-13-1_resized Screenshot_2015-12-09-21-15-54-1_resizedScreenshot_2015-12-10-11-19-28-1_resizedScreenshot_2015-12-10-11-20-16-1_resized Screenshot_2015-12-10-11-20-04-1_resized

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