We Love :: Watercolour Maps & Architectural Illustrations by Anne E. McGraw

San Francisco Map Print London Sepia Green Blue watercolor Map Print

il_570xN.328307248  Boston Map

Anne E (Summit Ridge Studio) keeps catching our eye, her love of maps shines through on every work of art she creates. She studied architecture and you can see the precision is each print. In a world of google maps and digital everything, we are so happy to see likeminded souls out there.

Anne grew up in the beautiful State of Mississippi, her father took her on river adventures and taught her how to read a map…. she began to be curious of all the places she traveled and the rivers she had coursed. Soon she became the navigator for all road trips.

“My colour palette comes from vintage sepia photographs, old style blueprints, grey etchings or lithographs, and aerial perspectives. Watercolours make a great aged ombre wash. I hand paint each colour block with a tiny brush rather than use masking fluid for the white space. Primarily because painting with watercolour is fun; painting with masking fluid is not so fun and unpredictable. I like the precision of drafting and maps are a great balance of art and math much like architecture.”

“While I have not been to all the locations I have painted, I somehow feel like I have traveled there in my mind and on paper. It’s an interesting way to see the world and I am thankful for every painting I get to paint.”

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    • Yes i love these as well, really beautiful. But there has to be much respect for those doing everything by hand the old school way!

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