Globe Installation :: Mondovì, Italy

An outdoor exhibition of hanging globes currently in the city of Mondovi, around the Belvedere Tower. Mondovi is a town in Piedmont, northern Italy, about 80 kilometres (50 mi) from Turin. The area around it is known as the Monregalese.

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29.10 meters high, it overlooks the ancient village with outstanding views of the Langhe and distant mountains. In 1762, Giovanni Battista Beccaria used the tower as a trigonometric point for determining the length of a meridian arc in Piedmont.
Inside is housed various exhibitions that trace the history of watches, from electronic and electrical to mechanic. The climb to the tower allows you to discover between gears, the original clock at hand only created in 1859, while the external walls of two panels illustrate the operation of the sundials. It is part of the thematic Park of Time.

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