Ice Age Globe

We love it when customers come to us with ideas for totally one-off bespoke globes – especially when they are so far from something we would produce on our own. It is wonderful as we get to learn about the customers passions and see the world through their eyes.

The customer who this globe was commissioned for is an Ice Age Ecologist – and his partner and family commissioned this as a lovely work as a “scientific work of art”. They gifted it to him for his birthday as a surprise – and then he was in touch from there to specify his wishes and work with us one-on-one to create the world in his vision.

Sizing is 36cm diameter and colouring is based on our ‘Glacial Blue’ – the base is Cherry Wood in the Livingstone style and the globe has a matte finish. All Livingstone globes spin on an axis and are hand finished with a resin to make them safe to be touched and spun and sit between a hand-cast brass finial and arm.

The target time period was 21,000 years ago, representing the last major ice age. This time period is pretty recent, geologically speaking, so all continents were in present position.

For the ice sheets the customer asked us to design in and paint overlays that show the increased extent of the North American and Eurasian ice sheets.  Essentially showing the state of the world at the last ice age.

References used : Hughes et al. 2016 with the latest maps for the Eurasian ice sheets and the customers own slides and research.

Also included.

-Locations of field sites. The customers research team has cored roughly 12-20 lakes from across eastern North America. He sent a list of names and coordinates. 

-Altered continental outlines.  Although continents were in current position at the last glacial maximum, sea level was about 120m lower than present, due to all the water locked up in the ice sheets.  So the customer said it would be cool to show the continental outlines for 21,000 years ago.

-Re coastlines. Our cartographer used a world bathymetry map and then traced the contour line for 100 to 120m below current sea level.

So basically we started work with our existing map as the starting point and then added an ice-age second coastline and an ice sheet overlay, with major ice sheets over most of North America and much of northern Eurasia.

Then for fun some illustrations were added… a mastodon, giant ground sloth, camel, glyptodon, woolly mammoth, giant deer, wooly rhinoceros, giraffe – and an African elephant. There is also a giant short faced kangaroo and a diprotodon.

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