This is our blog – our website is : www.bellerbyandco.com please click the link for all information about the prices, sizes & styles of globes we create.

Our studio is in Stoke Newington, London. Please give us a call for a consultation about commissioning a globe.

We are not open day-to-day to the public, we are not able to give tours or demonstrations, sorry for any inconvenience.

Studio by Gareth Pon


7 Bouverie Mews, Bouverie Road, Stoke Newington, London, N16 0AE

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Enquiries: [email protected]


+ 44(0) 20 8800 7235

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  1. I would like to know how can I contact if you guys dont answer my email. Because i havent got a respond in a couple a days from now, and I really would like to contact you

    • Not gloves nor globes. People tend to want correct maps! Why do you ask?

  2. Dear Peter & team,
    Just a note to say I find your story and products inspiring. Great to see handmade craftmanship still exist, in a world dominated by mass produced plastics. Any chance to get a tour around your workshop? Are you open to the public?
    Kind regards, René, The Netherlands

    • Hi Rene, thank you for all your kind words.

      We actually have a closed studio with very limited visitors (we get requests daily for visits!). Our work space is very small in open-plan building shared with 30 other artists and writers. When we are in it and working…. the floorspace is non-existent.. we are a small team and the work we do is very slow and meticulous and requires concentration so we don’t tend to do be able to get things done when we have people in and out. I share daily life on Instagram and we blog a lot about the process because i know people are interested and want to share all i can.

      If you follow us on IG (instagram.com/globemakers) we will announce the upcoming Instameet (probably in Summer) where we can open up the studio on a weekend day to everyone who is interested at once.

      I will keep your details for future open house days and we will have another exhibition perhaps late this year. We of course want to meet people and share our work with a wider audience but if we have a constant steam of people in whilst we are working it can be a bit overwhelming.

      Thanks for your interest and hope you understand why we don’t do tours.



  3. Do you or can you make a Globe with Satalite imagery that spins precisely with an Atomic Clock ?

    • Hi Lacy, i am sure we could figure it out. It is not what we specialise in the moment or the style of globe that we prefer to make – but we are open to custom orders of all kinds. If you are serious about commissioning a one of a kind globe, please get in touch via email or phone.. and our main website is http://www.bellerbyandco.com

  4. Excuse me,if I go working and holiday in Lodon,could I have a chance to work on bellerbyandco?Thank you!!!

    • Hi Kim, we are not hiring at the moment. When we next hire it will be for an apprentice who can commit to at least 3 years of learning the craft, a short time does not benefit you or us! Hope you understand.

  5. Your globes are stunningly beautiful! Is there a public location in the United States where I could see a Churchill globe? Thanks!

  6. I was just wondering whether you could make globes of made up planets, I know it would probably take a lot of information (and I don’t mean an existing made up one like aldeeran from Star Wars, I mean completely thought by the buyer) as I have always been interested in designing the perfect planet and a globe to represent this would be stunning.

    • Hi Tom, we can make a globe with anything on it. We can either take the artwork and morph to gores (ideally in the right format).. or we can do the artwork ourselves and create cartography from an idea from scratch. Please take a look at our actual website (www.bellerbyandco.com) for sizes, styles, prices, and contact details and email to discuss any further. Best, Jade

  7. If a customer has a unique world map created for a fantasy book series, would you make a full globe of the lands drawn by the author?

  8. I am looking for a Pangea 3D globe and have not been able to find one could you tell me where I could purchase one?

  9. I want to purchase models of all planets. Is is possible for you to make? Sizes are as follows,
    MERCURY 5.433 CMS
    VENUS 13.47 CMS
    EARTH 14.19 CMS
    MARS 7.54 CMS
    JUPITER 1 55.7 CMS
    SATURN 129.7 CMS
    URANUS 56.48 CMS
    NEPTUNE 54.84 CMS

  10. Hi there,
    really like your works, and I would like to get in contact with you and potentially commission a job.
    I have tried to call you at + 44(0) 20 8800 7235 but no joy.
    What is the best number to contact you?
    Please feel free to reply directly to my email address.
    [email protected]
    Many thanks,

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