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Elephant Family

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 17.36.04Peter Bellerby in an ambassador to this impressive charity.

Elephant Family is the UK’s biggest funder for the endangered Asian elephant.

Massive habitat loss has caused their numbers to plummet by 90% in the past 100 years, earning them an unwanted place on the IUCN red list.

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 17.35.38Elephant Family exists to save this iconic animal from extinction in the wild, along with tigers, orangutans and all the other animals who share their habitat. Working with local people and partner non-government organizations, we currently fund 20 projects across Asia and invest where we are needed most: to protect habitat, prevent conflict and reconnect the forest homes of the endangered Asian elephant. Your support is vital.

The Animal Ball

The Animal Ball is hosted by Elephant Family and also benefits three more of the most pioneering conservation organisations; The Aspinall Foundation, Space for Giants and Lion Guardians. By supporting The Animal Ball you are supporting an event which aims to bolster the conservation sector through creative and collaborative fundraising.

Bellerby & Co donated an 80cm Galileo for auction.

“On the 22nd of November, the world’s greatest fashion houses collaborated to dress a bestiary of beautiful creatures from all corners of British society to celebrate and protect nature’s greatest masterpieces.

Shying away from a live auction and formal sit down dinner, this creative fundraiser saw London’s top restaurants host 40 private dinners in unison; and 40 leading fashion houses dress each set of guests with spectacular animal masks and headgear. Quivers of cobras, lion prides and buffalo gangs made their grand entrance at The Animal Ball. A carnival of animals played out to a full orchestra fused with top musical acts.”

See photos here | read more about the charities here | official ball page

Great Ormond Street

“The evening was a huge success and your contribution of a bespoke, handmade desk globe and studio tour at Bellerby & Co towards the luxury auction was hugely popular raising £2,000.

The Friendship Ball 2016 was an incredible evening and I am delighted to confirm that we have raised over £680,000, a fantastic amount, made possible by generous donors and companies such as yourself.

As you know, the money that The Friendship Ball raised will be split evenly between Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity and CMRF Crumlin to help fund pioneering research into paediatric cancer that will help find cures and better treatments for young people at the two children’s hospitals.

Please do let me know if you have any questions and thank you so much again for your support of the two children’s hospitals.”

To see future events click here.

The Academy Of St Martin In The Fields

A globe of ours in up for auction at an event May 19th. Click here for more information.

The Academy of St Martin in the Fields has a turnover of over £2.5 million a year and they need to raise more than £500,000 through private sources to present over 100 concerts in the UK and around the world.

They receive no funding from the government. Each year they re-invest a significant amount of their income in presenting their work through live performances and through our innovative learning and community programme, Outward Sound.

They can only continue our work by securing financial support from their Friends, Patrons and sponsors. By making a donation or supporting the Academy you will make a real difference, helping them continue to perform and to create great musical experiences for a new generation of audiences.

In return they can guarantee a real and lasting relationship with one of the world’s greatest chamber orchestras.

Find out more! Join them as an Individual | Join them as a Company

Save Wild Tigers

Last year we worked with this great charity on a one-off project to raise funds.

In the dark days of global recession and political turmoil, why should we worry that there are less than 3,200 tigers left in the wild?

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 17.38.31After all, we can see them in zoos or appreciate their magnificence and historical significance through art, literature and film. Why should we bother to protect this creature in the far-flung corners of Asia?

Why? Because the tiger has walked the earth for two million years. Because we care about the legacy we will leave future generations. Because, we can make the difference that will mean survival in the wild as opposed to extinction.  Because together, our voices must be heard in the call for fundamental changes to international law to protect the tiger.

The wild tiger’s survival is in the balance; join us now in the fight-back. If we fail to act to save the iconic tiger, what hope other endangered species have? We have ten years to double wild tiger numbers; or ten years until their extinction. The choice is ours. The clock is ticking – and ticking fast.

Join them today in making the right decision for survival.

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