Hello New York

As The Big Egg Hunt comes to a close we are happy to be in New York for the final auction and goodbye! News comes Wednesday as to how much was raised!

Egg at Rockefeller

After the long process it is time to take one last look back and cross our fingers that she raises a lot of money for some great causes.

Feel free to send tips on where we should visit in New York… or anywhere you have been that you think our globes belong 😉

Through Monday you can find our Egg Globe nesting in Rockefeller Center – pictured right amongst the beautiful murals.


This is where it all started……………………………


The Egg Projection is worked out on a computer so make sure that the cartography is as correct as possible for the odd shape… we had to figure out how to make sure the gores would stretch beautifully without overlapping or falling short! The paper was then wet and stretched slowly and carefully. Once the world map was perfectly laid and dry, the whole egg was hand painted with the finest watercolours by the lovely Isis.

2    Egg Globe Painting

Bellerby & Co Globemakers

Bellerby & Co Globemakers; Creators of high quality, beautiful handmade world globes. Combining traditional techniques with pioneering design. Handcrafted terrestrial and celestial globes in London. We create models of many sizes and styles, and offer a bespoke service.

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