Your Dad Does Not Want Socks for Fathers Day

Tie. No. Shirt. No. Another bottle of fine booze? He already has all he needs. But what does dad really want… spoil him with a one of a kind handmade globe. Did we mention you can choose the his favourite colours and we can personalise the cartography to highlight all those special places and moments in his life: his hometown, where he married, where his children live, where his grandparents are from etc.

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Bellerby & Co was founded when Peter Bellerby decided he wanted to buy his father a globe. Upon realising the only ones out there were poor reproductions and pricy fragile antiques… he set about to make one himself. It took a few years but finally he made that perfect globe and was able to gift it to his father… a retired naval architect who keeps it pride of place in the house.






Galileo Cassini 2 livingstone-case2

Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 14.09.39mini desk globe pair terrestrialblue+celestiallivingstone-case livingstone-hemlock2

Bellerby & Co Globemakers

Bellerby & Co Globemakers; Creators of high quality, beautiful handmade world globes. Combining traditional techniques with pioneering design. Handcrafted terrestrial and celestial globes in London. We create models of many sizes and styles, and offer a bespoke service.

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