Upside Down in Brazil

Some time ago we were tasked with creating a bespoke world globe that would put Brazil up top… after much work turning the cartography around (sounds easier than it is!) we are happy to see the 80cm Curve in it’s new beautiful home.

The Upside Down Globe sits on three semi-hidden roller bearings which allow a fluid 360 degree spin in a luxurious movement by hand. The globe is balanced so that the Southern Hemisphere will always sit uppermost. The base is designed by the team who made the accommodation pods for the British Antarctic Survey and brought to life by heritage technicians from Aston Martin who skillfully fabricate the aluminium stand, creating a brushed finish.

At the time when we started- no one had made an upside-down globe as written about on Clearing Customs…  we are very proud to have been the first.

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Read about the upside down globe in progress when we were visited by Hemispheres.

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Click here to read about how the North ended up on top. A cartographic history of what’s up.

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  1. Hi I’m interested in purchasing a South Up globe. What size globes could I purchase? What are the prices? It would also need to be shipped to the U.S.
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