This Week In The Studio….

What we have been working on this week in the studio at Bellerby & Co Globemakers…

We have just about finished one of the 80cm Galileo’s in Ocean Blue we have been working on… you can see it being glossed while two Mint Green’s are in progress .. here Isis is painting the shading on a 36cm Ochre Livingstone Desk Globe.


Sam just finished laying gores on this 36cm Prussian Blue desk globe.. she’s just checking her work and making sure everything is looking beautiful ..


Jon painting the finer details ….IMG_20160726_163532

With Kirsty’s help…IMG_20160726_175245


And Isis’s…


Isis glossing the now finished 36cm Livingstone Desk Globe

IMG_20160729_131417 IMG_20160729_131313

Painting shading on land on a Mint Green GalileoIMG_20160725_141010


An almost finished Duck Egg Blue Mini Desk Globe (23cm diameter)IMG_20160725_141308

Finished 80cm Galileo in Mint Green gets the first of many layers of gloss…..


Rachel painting a Mini Desk Globe in “Champagne”  IMG_20160729_130646

As staged as this looks .. there really were three people working on this at once!

IMG_20160726_174957 IMG_20160726_163722

Doggie yoga …


Leo has moved from woodworking to apprentice globe-maker .. practicing here with George.


First 23cm Mini Desk Globe in Reed Green (usually only seen on the 36cm globes glossed)


Rachel working on another Champagne Mini Desk Globe


Alex painting the shading around the continents on an Ochre Livingstone Desk Globe



Sante (Peter’s niece) practicing shading / painting with watercolours on the first Pangea tester globe we made before the final was sent off –



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