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This week Jon started laying gores on a Glacial Blue 80cm Galileo, while Isis can be seen painting a Mint Green Galileo.

Peter is downstairs working on a Galileo (he used to stick with just the 50cm’s but the 80cm’s have been so popular this year!)

Alex is glossing another finished 50cm Britannia, this time in Cassini colours (Ochre ocean).

Kirsty & Sam are working on both 23cm Mini Desk Globes and 36cm globes after training to make that next size up. You can also see they are working on Cool Blue and Turquoise Mini Desk Globes (the two most popular colours this year!)

Rachel joined our team in the watercolours department… below painting the coastlines on a 36cm Prussian Blue Livingstone Desk Globe.

You’ll also spot Jon making Prussian Blue 36cm globes as well as Alex painting them… we have a lot of Prussian Blue in the studio right now! Also the first 36cm Turquoise globe we’ve done.. packed away and ready to ship.

IMG_20160604_000509 IMG_20160604_005156 IMG_20160604_004833 IMG_20160604_004717 IMG_20160604_004216 IMG_20160604_001005 IMG_20160604_000601 IMG_20160604_004514 IMG_20160604_001053

Bellerby_Globemakers_Handcrafted_Mini_Desk_Globes IMG_20160527_153500-01 IMG_20160602_231236 IMG_20160527_151725 IMG_20160602_225957 IMG_20160602_230353 IMG_20160525_150821 IMG_20160602_230110 Alex_36cm_Mint_CoolBlue_Bellerby_Globemakers IMG_20160525_150946 IMG_20160510_142150  IMG_20160602_230609 IMG_20160602_231528 IMG_20160524_131937 IMG_20160602_230907 IMG_20160602_225825 IMG_20160408_153136 IMG_20160602_230239 IMG_20160525_150545 IMG_20160602_225237 IMG_20160602_225514 IMG_20160602_231817 IMG_20160602_225623

20160520_143629-01 20160520_170548-01

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