January in…. Instagram!

Phew it was a busy January.

We worked on a huge order that just went off to Canada… many many Livingstone Desk Globes and Mini Globes were getting their finishing touches.

AP were in filming a project that shall be announced and shared as soon as we get our eyes on it… and if you missed it those beautiful Polaroids can be seen < here >.

IMG_20150119_155807_resized IMG_20150119_150322_resized

 IMG_20150122_162708_resized IMG_20150122_161130_resized

IMG_20150122_161851_resized IMG_20150122_160838_resized

IMG_20150122_161606_resized IMG_20150122_162456_resized

IMG_20150122_162316_resized IMG_20150122_162123_resized

Screenshot_2015-01-22-15-41-19-1_resized IMG_20150119_155601_resized

IMG_20150119_155318_resized IMG_20150122_152908_resized

IMG_20150123_124218 IMG_20150126_112626

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