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Chloe was in the week working on Mini Desk Globes.. as was Isis along with a couple Livingstones.

Jon has been working away on Livingstones …

& we’ve trialled a few fabulous apprentices… and chosen someone who starts in 4 weeks!

photo copy photo

IMG_20150109_161420 IMG_20150113_144250_resized

IMG_20150113_144602_resized IMG_20150113_143953_resized

IMG_20150112_124715_resized IMG_20150112_123854_resized

IMG_20150113_131801_resized IMG_20150115_125206_resized

IMG_20150115_122116_resized photo 2 copy

photo 1 copy 2 Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 16.18.09

photo 4 photo 3

IMG_20150119_121304_resized IMG_20150119_121508_resized

IMG_20150119_111207_resized IMG_20150119_130716_resized

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