The Silk Route Globe

We loved the challenge of creating the one of a kind globe for a customer wanting to highlight the Silk Route. Far from a traditional terrestrial globe showing the whole world – this project took over a year to complete. The whole map was designed according to the customers wishes, from bespoke cartography – to the travel route – to the many detailed illustrations.

The illustrations tell the story of the cultures, items traded, architecture, the spread of religions, and a few fun additions like sea monsters.

The back of the globe features a map of China with overlapping details on the eras at the time of the Silk Route.

The back of the globe features a map with overlapping details on the eras / time periods / dynasties at the time of the Silk Route.

Below is a bespoke cartouche designed for the customer. Removed are the personal details about who commissioned the globe and who the globe was commissioned for. A cartouche is a lovely way to dedicate the work of art and tell a story behind the inspiration of the creation. The customer requested certain flags, animals and details as a theme and our illustrator let her imagination run from there. Initials have also been added as part of the design.

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