The Gagarin : Examples in 22cm – 127cm diameter

The Gagarin can be ordered on globes in sizes 22cm, 36cm, 50cm, 65cm, 80cm and 127cm diameter. On both traditional bases and modern – and with a gloss or matte finish depending on the style of base.

In the first photo you see a 50cm Gagarin compared to a 22cm Mini Desk Globe. Both globes spin 360 degrees in a fluid motion by hand.

Any photos where you see Illustrations & wording – these are added details of personalisation as requested by a customer – each globe is made bespoke to order.

500.albion.walnut.gagarin6 500.albion.walnut.gagarin5 500.albion.walnut.gagarin3 500.albion.walnut.gagarin9 500.albion.walnut.gagarin10

The Gagarin in 22cm on Oak  217.albion.oak.gagarin4 217.albion.oak.gagarin3 217.albion.oak.gagarin2

The Gagarin on the 80cm Galileo



The Gagarin on a Berlin base in Walnut – shown here in 50cm diameter

A 65cm Floor Standing Globe – similar to our “rounded” design but by request the base here has reeding added to the legs

Another 65cm Diameter Gagarin Globe – this base is the Brisbane II in Walnut with a darker stain

The 36cm Albion – the base here is ebonised Oak

The Livingstone Desk Globe – 36cm Diameter

36.livingstone.londonplane.gagarin4 36.livingstone.londonplane.gagarin

The Livingstone in Prussian Gagarin – here with a request for shading to be kept lighter – the finish here is gloss


The Livingstone in Prussian Gagarin again – the finish here is MATTE


Another style of the 50cm Britannia

50.roundlegs.gagarin9 50.roundlegs.gagarin8 50.roundlegs.gagarin 50.roundlegs.gagarin7

The Livingstone – 36cm – more options in variations on colour and examples of added personalisation on the Gagarin colouring.

360.livingstone.cherry.gagarin10 360.livingstone.cherry.gagarin9 360.livingstone.cherry.gagarin6 360.livingstone.cherry.gagarin2

Examples of added personalisation



The 127cm diameter Churchill globe in progress…



And complete!


For more info please see our website :  or email [email protected] to discuss commissioning a globe.

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