The Britannia in Mint Cassini

The 50cm Britannia in ‘Mint Cassini’ : Handcrafted and Hand Painted Bespoke / To Order.

Diameter: 50cm : Height: 1m

Meridian: Solid hand engraved brass | Stand: Hand made with managed oak or mahogany






In the studio light before the globe was glossed so you can see it with more of a matte finish, and because when a globe is glossed it photographs differently.


The Britannia was our first globe. It hosts demographic and political information accurate as of the time of making… and cartography can be personalised and customised.

The globe has a truly timeless appeal, and is supported on an oak or mahogany wooden base, featuring hand-crafted horizon rings, and an aged brass meridian and intricate attention to detail.

Shipping dates vary, if you are ordering a custom made globe as a present, please ask us about receiving a beautiful hand painted gift card.

Please contact us regarding base options, colour options and to discuss personalisation. Price includes a hand engraved message around the solid brass meridian.

More information : | [email protected]


Option of a MATTE finish seen here with a Brisbane base in Walnut –

50.brisbane.mintcassini 50.brisbane.mintcassini2 50.brisbane.mintcassini4 50.brisbane.mintcassini5 50.brisbane.mintcassini6 Mint.Cassini.Brisbane.Walnut.Everest.illustrations.charicture.China.HongKong.9



More information : | [email protected]

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