The Albion 36 : 360 Degree Spin

A good source for colour, bases and examples of personalisation options for the Albion 360 & larger desktop globes are linked here.

With aims of putting all the Albion 360’s into one spot please scroll down. We can adapt the colours from any of the 22cm Mini Globes or the larger globes to suit the Albion 360 as well. All Albion 360’s have a matte finish.

We can work with you on a bespoke colour palette and add any personalisation you can dream up… from sea monsters in the ocean to tracing your travels to adding your favourite poem in calligraphy.

Prussian Blue, bases shown are Zebrano and Aluminium –

zebranopb pb-ali

The 36cm Albion compared to the 23cm Mini Desk Globe –albioncollection3

Mint Green – shown on a London Plane Base

360.albion.londonplane.mintgreen3 360.albion.londonplane.mintgreen4 360.albion.londonplane.mintgreen5

Mint Cassini on Walnut –

360.walnut.mintcassini 360.walnut.mintcassini4

Turquoise – bases shown are Chestnut & Oak (unstained) –

36albion-walnut-turquoise1  36albion-oak-turquoise1

Ochre, base shown is Walnut, shown with added personalisation –

360.albion.walnut.ochre2 360.albion.walnut.ochre4

Cool Blue, base shown is Walnut –36albion.walnut.coolblue2

Cobalt Blue, base shown is Bubinga –


Glacial Blue on London Plane –

50.albion.plane.glacial8noname 50.albion.plane.glacial7 50.albion.plane.glacial6

Aquamarine on Walnut –

36.albion.walnut.aquamarine1 2 36.albion.walnut.aquamarine2 2 36.albion.walnut.aquamarine3 2

Gagarin on Aluminium & Walnut with a variation in the ocean colour –

500.albion.aluminium.gagarin4 500.albion.aluminium.gagarin2 500.albion.walnut.gagarin5

Blue Cassini –

36.albion.walnut.prussiancassini4 36.albion.walnut.prussiancassini5

Glacial Blue Cassini

36.albion.walnut.bluecassini5 36.albion.walnut.bluecassini6

Sea Green (light & bright) on Zebrano –

* we no longer sell Zebrano wood with our 36cm globes

36.albion.zebrano.britanniablue3 36.albion.zebrano.britanniablue7 36albion.aluminum.seagreen

Not yet done in 36cm.. but a beauty at any size is the Charcoal –

Pictured here in 23cm on a London Plane base –

217albion-plane-charcoal1-1 217charcoal-1 217charcoal2-1

Champagne on Oak and Walnut –

36.albion.oak.champagne2 36.albion.walnut.champagne5

Reed Green on Walnut, Aluminium & Oak

36.albion.walnut.reedgreen 36albion.aluminum.reedgreen Reed_Green_36cm_Albion_3 Reed_Green_36cm_Albion_2

We also make our Celestial Globe in all sizes –

36albion-chestnutcustomcelestial2   36albion-chestnut-customcelestial4 36albion-chestnut-customcelestial3

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