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Pangea Globe!

We were commissioned to make a globe of Pangea back in November 2015. I contacted @Massimo.Pietrobon after seeing a map of Pangea he made that went quite viral back in 2013. He kindly agreed to collaborate with us & offered start from scratch on a new version.

After designing the flat map, Massimo sent it over to us & it was another few months of Jon & Lia over here transforming it into our style & warping it into gores that can be applied to a 3d sphere.

It’s been a fun but long process… a bit of trial & error… making test globes to make sure the transformation to gores was done correctly.

The map is of course for fun & we could never claim anywhere near 100% accuracy… its a mashup.. a modern map with its various parts relocated to the general position they would have occupied before Pangea began rifting apart some 200 million years ago. It’s a view of the supercontinent not often seen, and a fun way of relating to the world on a geological time scale. A reminder that the world is changing & always has been.

Click for Massimo’s blog – & an article on his original Pangea map.

Check back for further pictures … globe available in any colour combination.


IMG_20160401_163215 IMG_20160401_163407





Colour: Aquamarine | Size: 36cm

Bespoke cartography additions & illustration.

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