New This Month : Reed Green Albion 36, Britannia Blue Livingstone & Pink Celestial

The Reed Green started as a colour offered just with our 36cm Livingstone, now we have also done this colouring with a matte finish on our 23cm Mini Desk Globes & 36cm Albions.

Colour : Reed Green, Size : 36cm Diameter, Base : Oak (without feet), Finish : Matte, Spins 360 Degrees, Engraving : 60 Characters – Seen When Globe Lifted From Base, Further Personalisation : Optional

DSCF5129(retouched) (1) DSCF5131(Retouched) (1) DSCF5134(Retouched) (1) DSCF5135(Retouched) (1) DSCF5138(retouched (1)

The Britannia Blue started out as a colour system for the 50cm Britannia – a traditional floor standing globe. We have now done it on 23cm Mini’s, 36cm Albions, and 80cm Galileos / Curves along with this 36cm Livingstone. With the Britannia Blue – customers can request more blue tones to come through or more green as the colour is built up with many layers. Sometimes we do lighter version like this and other times we get asked to do them darker. On the Britannia Blue the shading gets darker as it nears to coast and the land is kept quite simple.

Colour : Britannia Blue, Size : 36cm Diameter, Base : Cherry, Finish : Gloss (Matte Optional), Spins : On Axis, Engraving : 40 Characters – Hand Engraved Brass Arm, Further Personalisation : Optional (Hand Written Calligraphy Pictured)

Britannia_Blue_Livingstone_1 Britannia_Blue_Livingstone_3 Britannia_Blue_Livingstone_4 Britannia_Blue_Livingstone


For a customer we made a matching Terrestrial & Celestial pair of 23cm Mini Desk Globes. The request was a pink sky with colouring on the land to match. We send a few samples of optional pinks and finishes and this is what was chosen.

Colour : Salmon Pink Celestial Cassini and Prussian Blue with Pink Land, Size : 23cm Diameter, Bases : London Plane (With Feet), Finish : Matte, Spins 360 Degrees, Engraving : 60 Characters – Seen When Globe Lifted From Base, Further Personalisation : Optional

DSCF5791 (1) DSCF5803 (1) DSCF5808 (1) IMG_3058

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