Glacial Blue Mini Desk Globe

All sized globes are also available in Glacial Blue! A light blue ocean gets lighter towards the coast and shading on land makes the continents pop in contrast.. the colour really suits all bases.

Scroll through here to see this beauty in all its glory.

First up the Glacial Blue Mini Desk Globe pictured with an Aluminium Albion base. Available with or without little feet (see wood bases) and either brushed or shiny.

Each and every globe is made bespoke to order and can be shipped worldwide from our London studio.


Brass Albion –


The Albion in Bubinga –217albion-bubinga-glacierblue1

The Albion in London Plane217albion-plane-glacierblue1 217glacialblue1 217glacialblue2 217glacialblue3

The Coppa – hand cast copper shined up on the outside and showing its origin whe you lift the globe. The colours will change as you touch it and with age but the metal can always be shined back. This base is solid and gorgeously heavy.


The Standard is made from Walunt – a thick more traditioanal style base – this was the first one we ever made.217standard-walnut-glacierblue1

Bases not pictured include the Albion in Oak, The Albion in Walnut and The Zebrano which is a striped wood.

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